Evrile Bags

The Inaugural Collection of Evrile is a series of Getaway bags designed for you to throw you things into and make your getaway - into the next you, a better you, a you that you are happy with. 

These are the first pieces of Evrile bags, ever, and symbolize the founder's getaway and evolution from her previous occupations into fashion, which is a form of expression she has always been passionate about - since childhood. 

Stress tested to Hong Kong, Maui, Whistler, San Francisco, Columbus, New York, and London. Made for all your adventures, big and small.

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Carolyn Convertible Crossbody & Clutch
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Jaclyn Travel & Overnight Bag
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Michael Lightweight Backpack
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Evelyn Doctor Bag
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Toy Belt Bag
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Angelica Reversible Tote Bag
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