Five eco-friendly ways to freshen up your wardrobe

With spring just around the corner, there’s no better time to take stock of your existing wardrobe and transform it into a sustainable one. Whether you’re on the fence on whether to salvage, donate or toss a loved garment or on the hunt for new sustainable fashion labels to fill your closet, we’ve got your back. In fact, just call us your eco-friendly Marie Kondo. 

1. Tailor-made

Bring well-loved pieces of clothing to the tailor and watch as they’re brought back to life with a couple of easy stitches. Tailors can also turn an item you like into one you love. From taking in a dress to flatter your curves to altering the hem of a skirt to give the illusion of endless legs, it’s amazing what a good tailor can do for your wardrobe. Find a tailor near you using Yelp



2. DIY it

Transform dated clothing into fresh pieces with a little creativity – you don’t even need to know how to sew! A pair of scissors can turn a pair of faded jeans into weekend cutoffs or an old tee into an eco-friendly shopping bag. If you’re adept with a needle and thread or have access to grandma’s sewing machine, you can even try tackling some larger projects. We love this easy to make DIY Silk Slip Dress from A Pair and A Spare.



3. Fashion swaps

Host a fashion swap with friends whose style you love and who you know have had an eye on a couple of pieces in your closet. If you and your friends wear different sizes or have varying heights, you can host a swap purely for bags, scarves and other accessories instead. Just remember to be mindful when swapping items. You want to make sure you love each and every new addition to your closet!



4. Vintage

Buy pre-loved or vintage fashion at thrift stores, consignment retailers or your local Goodwill. You can even make a day of it with your most fashionable and eco-friendly friends. Meet for brunch at your usual spot and sip on coffee as you pinpoint the best stores and plot out your route. If you’re in a pedestrian-friendly area, go by foot to lower your carbon footprint while taking in the sights!

vintage blouse eco friendly fashion


5. Slow fashion

If you need to fill any fashion gaps in your closet, take a break from fast fashion and look into the slow fashion movement. Live the slow fashion ethos and choose timeless garments and accessories made to last in favor of trendy ‘wear it once and never again’ pieces. Made from sustainable materials and upcycled fabrics, slow fashion goods are stylish and kind to the environment. We love this slow fashion brand Christy Dawn, a brand with similar values and practices as Evrile, where every piece is made by local artisans (in their case, in Downtown Los Angeles), from deadstock material, and in limited quantities.

christy dawn bergen dress slow fashion eco friendly

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